Curriculum Vitae


2022 PhD in Human Geography, Wilfrid Laurier University
Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Faculty of Science
Dissertation: Bee Cities and more-than-human communities: Protecting pollinators in the Anthropocene

2015 Master of Environmental Studies in Geography, University of Waterloo
Thesis: Gleaning in the 21st Century: Urban Food Recovery and Community Food Security in Ontario, Canada

2013 Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Geography and Environmental Management (Honours), University of Waterloo
Thesis: Addressing Barriers to Urban Agriculture in Waterloo Region (Canada)

2008 Bachelor of Science in Nursing, with distinction, Ryerson University

2004 Nursing (diploma), Mohawk College

1998 Practical Nursing (certificate), Conestoga College

Select Professional Experience 

eCampus Ontario
OER Ranger, 2023 - present


OER Reviewer 

Wilfrid Laurier University
Contract Faculty, 2020 – present

Curriculum Developer, 2020 - present

Instructional Design Specialist, 2021

Conestoga College

Curriculum Developer, 2023 - present

Instructional Designer, 2021 - 2022 (18 month contract)

2019 – 2020 Primary Care Nurse, Preventative Care Program, Dr. Noman Bodkin


2019 Course Instructor, Laurier Summer Institute of Research Methods


Teaching Assistantships

2016 – 2019 Wilfrid Laurier University, Faulty of Arts
2013 – 2014 University of Waterloo, Faculty of Environment

Teaching Assistantships have provided me with good experience in: 


Winter 2019 - GESC290 Environmental Concepts & Approaches

Winter 2018 - ES102 Environmental Problems & Approaches 

Fall 2017 - ES101 Introduction to Environmental Studies 

Winter 2017 - GG300 Political Geographies of Violence

Fall 2016 - GG290 Global Resource & Environmental Issues 

Winter 2016; Fall 2018 - GG102 Intro. to Human Geography
Fall 2014 - Geog 202 Geography of the Global Economy

Spring 2014 - Geog 203 Environment & Development in a Global Perspective

Winter 2014 - Geog 208 Human Dimensions of Global Climate Change

Fall 2013 - Geog 101 Geography & Human Habitat 

2018 Registered Nurse, Camp Nurse, Silver Lake Camp, Summer  

2015 Policy Analyst (Nursing), Infection Prevention and Control, Grand River Hospital

2015 – present Freelance Writer, Metroland Media Group


2008 – 2012 Infection Prevention and Control Professional, Grand River Hospital


2011 Just Clean Your Hands Program Expert, Contract, Public Health Ontario


2007 – 2008 Regional Cardiac Care Coordinator, St. Mary’s Hospital  

2004 – 2008 Registered Nurse, Cardiology, St. Mary’s Hospital

Field Research

2017-2019 Dissertation Research, South-Western Ontario, Canada

2014 Master’s Fieldwork, Gleaning for Community Food Security, Ontario, Canada

2015 Summer Research Scholarship, Urban Agriculture, Nanjing, China
2015 Summer Research Scholarship, Street Food Vendors, Nanjing, China
2012 Senior Honour’s Thesis: Urban Agriculture in Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada


In Press 2023
Gibbs, H., Hagerman, B., Hodson, E., Iqbal, S., Klassen, C., Kuron, L., Marshman, J., Mehta, B., and White, M. “You Can't Engage in Decolonizing Work Alone”: The Value, Challenges, and Tensions Around Building a Contract Teaching Faculty Community to Disrupt Colonialism. In K. N. Rainville, D. G. Title, and C. G. Desrochers (Eds.), Faculty Learning Communities Working Towards a More Equitable, Just, and Anti-Racist Future in Higher Education. Information Age Publishers. 

2024 Marshman, J. The Bee City Movement. In P. Gadhoke, B. Brenton & S. H. Katz (Eds.), Transformations of Global Food Systems for Climate Change Resilience Addressing Food Security, Nutrition, and Health (pp. 247-262). CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group. 

2023 Marshman, Jennifer. (2023). [Review of the book In the shadow of the palms: more-than-human becomings in West Papua.]. Global Media Journal -- Canadian Edition, 14(2), 72-.75.

2023 Manning, P. and Marshman, J. Conserving insect biodiversity in agroecosystems underpins sustainable diets. In K. Kevany and P. Prosperi (Eds.), Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Diets. Routledge.

2023 Marshman, J. and Willis-Chan, D. S. Pollinators, People, and the Planet. In N. Habashy, M. Foster, P. Esker & D. Behring (Eds.), Everyone Needs to Eat: Introduction to Food Security and Global Agriculture (Chapter 8). Penn State Pressbooks. 

2022 Marshman, J. and Willis-Chan, D. S. The Movement of Pollen: Pollinators, People, and the Planet. In D. Szanto, A. Battista, and I. Knezevic (Eds.), Food Studies: Matter, Movement & Meaning. Rebus Press. 

2022 Willis-Chan, D. S. and Marshman, J. A Socio-Ecology of Pollination: A Case Study. In D. Szanto, A. Battista, and I. Knezevic (Eds.), Food Studies: Matter, Movement & Meaning. Rebus Press.

2021 Marshman, J. & Knezevic, I. What’s in a name? Challenging the commodification of pollination through the diverse economies of 'Bee Cities'. Journal of Political Ecology, 28(1), 124-145. 

2021 Wilson, A., M. Bessey, J. Brady, M. Classens, K. Lee, C.Z. Levkoe, J. Marshman, T. Martens, S.L. Ruder, P. Stephens, and T. Soma. Reflections on the roles and responsibilities of food studies in Canada, Indigenous territories, and beyond 2020-21.

2019 Marshman, J., Blay-Palmer, A., Landman, K. Anthropocene Crisis: Climate Change, Pollinators, and Food Security. Environments, 6(22). 

2019 Marshman, J. and Scott, S. Gleaning in the 21st Century: Urban Food Recovery and Community Food Security in Ontario, Canada. Canadian Food Studies, 6(1), 100-119.    

2019 Marshman, J. Communing With Bees: A Whole-of-Community Approach to Address Crisis in the Anthropocene. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. 

2016 Si, Z., Marshman, J., Berge, S., Dai, N., Soma, T., Dale, B. Landman, K., Bacher, J., Rahman, M., Levkoe, C. Review of the book Cities and Agriculture: Developing Resilient Urban Food Systems by Henk de Zeeuw and Pay Drechsel (Eds.). Canadian Food Studies, 3(2), pp 216-230. 

Popular Media

2019 Marshman, J. [Op-Ed] Wild Bees Need Our Protection. The Record [Sept. 23, 2019).

2016 Marshman, J. The Grass Is Not Greener. New Hamburg Independent [March, 2016].

2016 Marshman, J. Homesteadin’ Off the Grid. The Community Edition. [May 4, 2016].

2014 Marshman, J. Gleaning in the 21st Century. CBC KW, The Morning Edition with Craig Norris & Food Columnist Andrew Coppolino. [July 2014]

2010 Marshman, J. Race for Zero: Empowering Staff to Protect Patients. Waterloo Wellington LHIN. [July 2010]

Select Presentations

2022 Nov. Marshman, J. & Chan, D.S.W. Pollinators and People. On-demand oral presentation [remote] at the ESA-CSC Joint Annual Meeting 2022 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

2021 Sept. Marshman, J. & Chan, D.S.W. Making Space for Wild Pollinators: the Socio-Ecology of Pollination. Oral presentation at the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, London, UK.  

2021 Jun. Marshman, J. & Knezevic, I. Challenging the Commodification of Pollination through the Diverse Economies of 'Bee Cities'. Radical Food Geographies panel presentation and discussion at the 2021 ASFS-AFHVS-CAFS-SAFN Joint Virtual Conference.

2020 Marshman, J. The Bee City Movement: Shifting the Doomsday Narrative to Hope. Presentation for the Laurier-Milton Lecture Series [Recorded].

2020 Marshman, J. & Imort, M. How can Geography help us understand the COVID-19 pandemic? Presentation for the Laurier Association for Lifelong Learning [Recorded].

2019 Marshman, J., Chan, S., Wojcik, V. Conservation Praxis: Perspectives on a Healthy Future for People, Pollinators, and Planet. Panel organizer and presenter for the annual conference of the Agriculture, Food and Human Values Society, Finding Home in the "Wilderness": Explorations in Belonging in Circumpolar Food Systems. Anchorage, Alaska, June 2019.

2019 Marshman, J. Building bridges between people and bees [workshop]. Guelph Organic Conference, Guelph, Ontario.

2019 Marshman, J. Anthropocene Crisis: Urban Bees to Bridge the Human/Nature Divide [Guest lecture]. Wilfrid Laurier University, GESC 290A, Waterloo, Ontario.

2018 Marshman, J. Power, Praxis, and Inclusionary Othering: An Urban Bee Story. Paper presented at the Place-Based Food Systems Conference, Making the Case, Making it Happen. Richmond, British Columbia.

2018 Marshman, J. Power, Praxis, and Othering: Urban Bees to Bridge the Human/Nature Divide. Invited to present at the Third International Conference of Agriculture and Food in an Urbanizing Society. Porto Alegre, Brazil. [declined]

2018 Marshman, J. Anthropocene Crisis: Urban Bees to Bridge the Human/Nature Divide. Paper presented at the 13th Annual Canadian Association for Food Studies conference, Gathering Diversities. Regina, Saskatchewan, June, 2018.

2016 Marshman, J. Gleaning in the 21st Century: Urban Food Recovery and Community Food Security in Ontario, Canada [Pecha Kucha]. Presented at the annual conference of the Canadian Association for Food Studies, Scarborough Fare: Global Foodways and Local Foods in a Transnational City, Toronto, Ontario.

Creative outputs

2021 Marshman, J. Diverse Ways of Knowing, Artist Collaborative [Video].  

2018 Marshman, J. Pollinator Protector Certificate: Module 2 [video module]. Pollinator Central retrieve from

2016 Marshman, J. Reducing food waste through gleaning [Digital Storytelling Workshop]. 

2016 Marshman, J., Si, Z., and Mann, E. Hiding in Plain Sight: Informal Urban Agriculture in Nanjing, China. Photo Journal, displayed in the Exploration Gallery at the annual conference of the Canadian Association for Food Studies, Scarborough Fare: Global Foodways and Local Foods in a Transnational City, Toronto, Ontario.  

Professional Service

Peer Reviewer

2021 - present Journal of Rural Studies

2019 - present Journal of Agriculture, Food Studies and Community Development

2017 - present Canadian Food Studies Journal

Journal of Agriculture, Food Studies and Community Development

2021 - present JAFSCD Editorial Board
2020 – present Co-Chair Shareholder Consortium

Canadian Association for Food Studies

2022 - 2023 Vice President
2020 - 2023 Member of the Board

Wilfrid Laurier University
2021 Divisional Council, Faculty of Science

2019 – 2023 Elected to Department in Council, Geography and Environmental Studies

Meal Exchange Good Food Challenge
2017 - 2018 Advisory Committee

Professional Associations & Memberships

College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO)
Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO)
Canadian Association for Food Studies (CAFS)
Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG)
American Association of Geographers (AAG)
Environmental Studies Association of Canada (ESAC)
Food Secure Canada (FSC)

Academic Awards & Scholarships

2021 Wilfrid Laurier University, President's Award for Team Achievement (Instructional Design)

2020 Mitacs Research Training Award

2020 Student Teaching Award of Excellence, Wilfrid Laurier University

2016 – 2019 Graduate Doctoral Scholarship, Wilfrid Laurier University

2016 – 2019 Laurier Graduate Scholarship, Wilfrid Laurier University

2016 FGPS Graduate Travel Award

2015 International Experience Award, University of Waterloo

2015 Summer Research Scholarship, Ontario-Jiangsu Student Exchange

2013 – 2014 Environmental Studies Graduate Experience Award

Community Awards & Grants

2021 ECO-Award The Environmental Studies Association of Canada's Environmental Community's Organizer Award  

2020 Guelph Organic Conference Eco-Scholar Award (conference pass) (declined)  

2019 Go Wild Community Grant, World Wildlife Fund

2019 Community Environmental Fund, Region of Waterloo

2017 – 2018 Sustainable Hawk Fund, Wilfrid Laurier University 

Community Engagement

2017 – 2021 Co-Founder, Bee City Kitchener Pollinator Working Group  

2019 – 2022 Co-Founder and Mentor, Bee Campus, Wilfrid Laurier University


2018 Conference Organizer, Bee City Canada Pollinator Summit  


2018 - 2019 Participating artist, fiber arts, Frederick Art Walk, Kitchener, Ontario

2014 – 2020 Founding Coordinator: Gleaners Guild of Waterloo Region


2013 – 2018 Board Member, Waterloo Region Food System Roundtable


2016 Guest Columnist, Community Edition (Waterloo Region)


2013 – 2015 Co-Editor: Canadian Association for Food Studies (CAFS) quarterly newsletter


2013 – 2020 Social Media Support, Canadian Association for Food Studies


2014 – 2015 Newsletter Creator and Editor, Hacienda Sarria Market Garden


2012 – 2015 Ecological Monitor, City of Kitchener


2011 – 2013 Book Reviewer, Alternatives Journal


2009 – 2011 Client Support, Hospice of Waterloo Region

Select Professional Development

2022 Certificate in Restorative Principles: Applying an Anti-Oppressive Approach to Restorative Practice

2021 Intercultural Certificate, offered by Laurier International, CSEDI, and the Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management 

2021 - present Master Melittologist Apprentice Program, Oregon Bee Atlas
2021, April 4 Seasons of Reconciliation Certificate

2020 – present Community of Practice: Decolonizing and Indigenizing in the Academy

2019 Facilitator Development Certificate (FDW)  

2019 Indigenous Research Paradigms, Laurier Center for Indigegogy  

2019 University Teaching for Doctoral Students, Certificate, Wilfrid Laurier University
2019 Course Re[Design] Workshop, Wilfrid Laurier University
2019 Instructional Skills Workshop Certificate (ISW)
2018 University Teaching Foundations, Wilfrid Laurier University
2017 First Aid for Mental Health, Mental Health Commission of Canada
2017 Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education, EdX for Educators